Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Day of the Year

This year has been awesome and very emotional for me. I got married before Christmas last year and the later part of 2014 went by so quick!

OMG. 2014:
My 1st Christmas with husband
My 1st bday with my husband
My 1st trip to Ilocos
Discovered I was pregnant
My 1st overseas trip
Got yellow card and philhealth
Got a new passport
Found out my baby's going to be boy
Got a 3D ultrasound
Became 61kg. OMG. I've always been 45kg.
Had baby Kristofer Llyr!

We had great times, but I've been very hormonal. Veeeeery. I've had a lot of sleepless nights and it's most probably not ending with this year. But that's ok because I have a beautiful baby boy who's growing quite well. ♥

Without a doubt I can say to myself I had a good year. (๑・ิ-・ิ๑)

This is me and him failing at a selfie.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Little Tokyo 2014

I've been wanting to eat Japanese food from Little Tokyo's grocery places from when I was 5 months pregnant with my son. The thing is my friends didn't have the time, and well -- I don't want to go by myself.

So now, Llyr's out ^^;, and I have gone there last time with my cousin Jona, my husband, and my baby. I do not have pictures though because I had the baby the entire time, and he didn't want me to not hold him (he has a bag carrier thing, but he didn't wanna be there at that time). It was a lot of fun and we went to a cafe a bit far from there too -- but like I said; no photos. So I didn't blog about it. My cousin has some pictures on her facebook though.

Llyr has this tendency to know when I'm eating or planning to eat, also it's the same when he knows I will use my phone to surf the net or play games at night -- and he will, with all of his might, resist the urge to sleep and just cry until I stop whatever it is I am doing and instead hold him with both of my hands. ; 3; If he's already asleep, and I try to have one hand free and play or use the net or eat -- oh yes! He will wake up and complain that I don't have my full attention on him. I love my son ♡ he's a smart boy.

So this time, I MADE sure that I would have all the pictures I want.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Early New Year's Resolution

Oh gosh, when was the last time I've blogged? I don't even remember. There's so much I had wanted to say but I haven't had the time to post.

Early New Year's Resolution:
Blog once a week.

Too much? I think it'd be good for my brain. ★(・ิ ・ิ〃)

Soooo baby update!!
Baby's almost 3months and he's now 60cm in length and 6.2kg in weight!! My Ninang Pedia said I've done a good job so far. *squeee* He was 4.9kg last month so he's gained weight well.

I now have a heavy baby boy but he's cute and healthy!!

Look at him!!!

Don't you wanna pinch those cheeks?


Thanks for reading~
See you soon!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


It's been two months since my baby was born. He's a healthy boy. He's quite smart. I wanna post more about him. I shall do that tomorrow.

Talk about being lazy.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Baby Kristofer Llyr's 15th Day!

I could not really blog, play games, read manga, go on tumblr, and facebook since Llyr has been born. It's not bad, but I just feel like this blog post is overly late.

I'm plastered to my baby as he is to me so, I decided to look for another blog app, and tested it yesterday actually.

Llyr was born September 15, 2014. He was 3.25kg and 53cm. He's quite long, so he looks a bit skinny compared to Filipino babies with the same weight.

He eats and sleeps a lot. He's quite nocturnal though.

Look at that angry face.

And that big yawn.

I completely adore him.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Testing bloggeroid

I found this new app and I just want to test is out.

In the meantime, here's a panda.

Let see if I can actually manage to have a decent looking post.


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Saturday, August 30, 2014

36.2 weeks!

It's so close!
Yet I feel like I've been pregnant in forever! > <

I'm still not used to how heavy I am now. I also don't want to waddle, so I still try and keep walking straight, even though it is actually more comfortable to relax and just waddle. ^^;;

Fundic Height: 34 inches (for Filipinos this quite big I think)
Baby's Heart beat rate: 132 beats per minute
For the first time in my pregnancy, I now have mild edema.
I seriously look like I have been having it since my 4th month, but NO, my feet just became a size bigger, okay. It's was fat. Not swelling. > <

Aaaaand by the way I had the baby shower last week August 23, and here are the stuffies and pics for update :3

The awesome gifts from my friends/cousins <3

The awesome highlights of our afternoon~ :3
Of course we did karaoke too but I didn't take pictures anymore.
We played 4 games:
Don't Say "Baby"
Pin the Sperm on the Egg Cell
Draw the Baby
Guess the Title of the Song
(maybe I'll expound on those in another blog post next time)

me and the gifts.. uhmm.. yes, I made it smaller so you won't focus on how big my face has become.

Letters from my friends/cousins to baby Llyr ;3

The people I love who made it possible :3
2 people are not in the picture T^T
But they're equally awesome.
My dear Anne, and my cousin Dan (they went home early).
Of course my mama, and papa who were there, and to mom and dad who gave us a surprise something. ^^


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just 25 days more!!

My baby's coming~~~ In just 25 days, he'll be coming! I'm so excited!
I haven't updated my blog because I wasn't sure if I should already post this or not haha.
So on Saturday August 23, 2014 at 3pm I'll be having a small baby shower!
It will be only a small gathering since I'm saving most of my money for the baby's delivery and stuff.

Aside from that, I've been doing some preparations for the baby's arrival as well.
I actually went to a baby/kids bazaar. I mean the stuff were discounted but still expensive!
I knew I had to get some stuff already though since the baby's coming soon!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Celebratory Post!

I have 1 thing to rant about and 3 things to celebrate about!^^

The bad first.
I went to work by cab today so that I can sleep for about 40 minutes or so. I arrived at 7:05JPT I had to set up the computer for less than 5 minutes and then I can go nap. BUT NO.
The internet was down and I had to go to the Old Office to use the computers there -- uhh.. how troublesome!! I want to be in my station. So I went to the other office just to log in, and went here again and asked what happened. I had to climb on another teacher's desk, and see if I can reach the plugs.

Yes, it was dangerous, and because I'm short -- even if I stretch my arms out I would not be able to reach still and I might fall down and hurt the baby! It already was 7:17JPT when other teachers arrived and I asked the help of someone, and finally...
Everything was plugged in, and by 7:22 the internet connection was back.
-_- So annoying.

It was just stressful, and there were teachers here by 5:00JPT, but they didn't know what to do -- so if I hadn't arrived early then we'd have to all wait for a technician to arrive at 10:00JPT. NO WAY. So I felt the need for this:
Since I was not able to get my nap -- I deserve a snack!
A chocolate snack!!
(I'm gonna share of course -- because I still should not have too much sweets. T^T)

1st this is my post number 101!! The last baby update was the post number 100!

2nd tuesday of this week -- I got to eat at 31 ice cream!! FINALLY!!
It was a cheat day! Lemme have my ice cream~ ღ
31 ice cream or known to western countries as Baskin Robins finally opened in our country once again, and my friends and I are one of the 1031 lucky people who could get junior ice cream cones for FREE!

3rd and the best news for today is that I'm on my 32nd week now!! Welcome 8th month count!!
Just one more month and I will see my baby boy and hug him and squeeze him and call him george Llyr! ღ

It's getting more and more exciting for me~
Please continue praying for Kristofer Llyr 

Oh -- also my urinalysis had normal results :3 so happy, it means the baby's healthy and will be okay too.
Thank you Jesus! We praise Your Holy name!

Monday, July 21, 2014

30.2 weeks UPDATE

Today the babies already 30 weeks and 4 days old. This update is for what happened Saturday.
I could not post anything that day because there were people who came by to clean the septic tank. ; 3;
The house was a mess, people were impatient and hungry so yeah.

Saturday is OB day. I was pushed out of the house at 8:40am, even though I wasn't planning to -- because my mama didn't want me inhaling anything bad in the house. (My bedroom floor was drilled open, cement smoke was awful, and dust, and poo, etc.)

I was at the OB clinic at 9:10am, to the assistants surprise, so I explained to them why -- and they didn't make me go away anymore. ^^; The doctor was to come at 11:00-11:30am, but with doctor stuff, she arrived at about 1:30pm. So many pregnant women were there already. We were all hungry but no one dared to get out of their seat (cause we might lose it haha).

Baby's heartbeat was normal at 127mbps, growth normal too. Too my doctor's surprise (and maybe she worried a bit) I did not gain a single pound from 3 weeks ago. I was still 128lbs. So if I gain so much it's bad, but when I don't gain in almost a month it's bad too. o3o

I told my OB about my menstrual pain-like cramps, and she told me if I experience it a lot then I have to be confined... Uhhhh no. > < So she told me to have a urinalysis done to make sure I do not have UTI -- because this can cause pre-term labor. I don't want my baby to be in the NICU. I do believe that I have no infection, but just in case, I'mma drink 1 glass of water for every hour to cleanse myself of this and get a good result. ^^ I also have to take an "Isoxsuprine" for every 12 hours for 7 days.

Look at that weirdly colored print.
Looky at this cute already chubby cheeks baby boy~ <3
I love love love him!!
Thank you Jesus! I know You are always protecting this little precious life~

Oh we've decided on a name!
(-‸ლ) It's read as /KRIS-tə-fer/ /Lih-r/ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
(*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ ) L as in "lay (L.EY)" ; IH as in "it (IH.T)" ; R as in "race (R.EY.S) σ(ൈ)φ 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

The last time, I have taken the OGCT (Oral Glucose Challenge Test), the result can be found here. OGTT is the tolerance test to see if you have gestational diabetes, more of a part 2 of the OGCT.

If you think it's too tasky go visit that page, long story short I failed with a .11 more than normal result on it. That's why I was told to take the Tolerance Test this time. (I think it's been a month?)

Past Laboratory Test:

yeah. awful.

Anyway, like I have mentioned I had to do it again.
To read about it please click the the brown-underlined-link below. (In case you're seeing this from Facebook, then no need to click anything hahaha. ^^;

Monday, June 30, 2014

Snug a Hug is ❤

From the first trimester up to I forgot when -- I have been trouble with my back, shoulders, hips, sides. I feel like I've been so heavy more than my small physique can handle. Really. So last week my sleeping troubles ended! My mom-in-law splurged for a huge pillow for me that solved all those!

Do you wanna know why Snug-a-Hug pillows are awesome?
Read on!~

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baby at 25.2 weeks!~

The baby is really moving a lot now!
I also feel like my body is quite heavy -- I don't know how it'll be like next month.
It's exciting everyday for me since the baby's movements are becoming quicker, and just it feels more like waves and tumbles more than before~

I have read though that it the next months, the baby will start moving less, since there'd be less space for her/him to move around. Actually my tummy already feels quite full o3o and harder. Also, I have read somewhere that the baby would already be 13.6 inches or so by now. I am in awe about how these things happen, and just rejoice in the miracle of God. The baby is 25 weeks only and  already more than a foot? How can s/he even fit in my tummy?! Praise Jesus!

I've been really wanting to make a baby book. I guess I have to do some scrap booking? Or should I just buy a pre-made one? I want it to be like a journal of my pregnancy. I think it'd be fun, and hopefully when my baby's a toddler, she'd like to look at it or something. ^^

Just 3-4 weeks more and I can go for an ultrasound!! Yay!! Thanks to mom and Kyle~ :3

Saturday, June 07, 2014

The "Weird" Kind of Excitement

Most people who know me, would know how afraid I am of doctors.

My mama used to work in the hospital, and I was often with her there after school -- so it would be odd to be uncomfortable of the hospital, no? Uhh.. Well, I stayed only in the HR, Social Service, Records, and Pharmacy offices. I stayed AWAY from the doctors.

The reason for this was, I think, trauma from when I was a toddler. I had a major surgery because of hernia before I turned two years old, and I often get scared seeing doctors because in the mind, they have syringes and the freaking hurt! This is a little limited to doctors in white though. I think.

Recently, I've been really excited to my once a month visit to the doctor though! ^^ My OB. She was my mama's OB too, she does not accept the fact that she is nice though. ^^;; But she is. Yes, I still shy away from her a bit, because I get nervous but -- the fact that I can hear my baby's heartbeat, and she can tell me things about my pregnancy, my baby and everything -- I'm very happy!

Baby's already 24 weeks and 2 days (6 months and 2 days)
Today I met her again, and she was nicer than the last few times. ^^ I dunno but she seemed to have agreed with me more today than before. She also put my mind to ease about stretch marks, belly button popping out, edema, and others. I'm not worried about those stuff though because to me my baby's health is priority -- I don't have to show my belly to people anyway hahaha. I also know my navel has been weird from before so yeah.

Baby's heartbeat today's 136bpm.
Also I've redeemed myself from the weighing scale problem!! ^w^
Last month I gained about 9lbs, this month only 4lbs! :P Mainly because I lessened my rice and snack in-take.

Anyway, in the next 2-3 weeks I need a OGCT (sugar test thingy) to make sure I have gestational diabetes. I claim it a normal result already! In Jesus' name!

Right now, the hardest thing for me is sleeping. >_< I just can't find a good position to sleep in. If I'm on my side, my body feels so heavy and my hips ache (it feels bruised), I seriously need a maternity pillow or something.. WHY ARE THEY EXPENSIVE! > <

Then next month on the 28th or 29th week I can try to go for 3D ultrasound! Hopefully I have the money to do that -- or I'll get a normal one for just the gender determination. ^^

That's all for now!! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Is it okay to rant?

Hello hello to 22 weeks! I'm very happy that I am pregnant, and May 22, 2014 my baby in my tummy turned 22 weeks and it's awesome! That day, baby moved A LOT, it was like s/he was celebrating with me. So I was really really happy -- even though there was a 1 hour stress at work. (Yes, 1 hour ... hmmm...)

So, Kyle and I really want to have a baby girl. We are really praying for it.

Whenever people tell me, "It will be a boy, let's bet on it!" or "I want you to have a boy." or "You're showing signs of having a boy!" I get really annoyed. -_-;; Why? Because I WANT TO HAVE A GIRL > < If God gives me a boy, then I will be happy of course because my baby is God's miracle and gift for my husband and I, but I would really be very happy to have a girl as a first born. Little girls are so fun, and cute and they can have oh soooo cute stuff.. Boy stuff are seriously limited and all look the same.. ;3; It's my first baby, I really wanna have fun with the baby (yeah -- I imagine it to be like playing -- I know the responsibilities but nonetheless I really want to have a baby girl).

I know others have fun turning pregnancies into a guessing game, but please stop stressing me out with it. I do sometimes feel as if every time I pray to have a baby girl, there are people who counter-pray it. TT_TT Please don't do that.

It's my husband and my baby right? Please stop turning into a betting game, or just a regular game. Please stop antagonizing my prayers. We really do want to have a baby girl.

I dunno has any other mom-to-be ever experienced the same thing I am going through right now?

Monday, May 12, 2014


It's that time of year again! I usually talk with my sister and brother before this day because we have to decide what gift we would get for our mama. <3 

This year though was quite different. First I now have a mommy-in-law, who I also ask a lot of weird questions to. Please don't get tired of me. Haha. I know my mama thinks my questions are odd, and that I worry too much (I do, I know but--), I love you guys!

For Sunday, I thought we'd buy mama a cake or something, but if you read my previous blog, you'd know I have to cut down on sugar... It would be horrible for me to buy cake, and not eat it. T_T That would be so mean... 

At church, the people (staff) gave mothers a rose. They asked the mother's to stand so they can be given honor (or something like that). My sister was telling me to stand up, but I didn't, because the day before this my husband told me I wasn't to be greeted happy mother's day since I am not a mother figure. -_- So annoying. We're okay now, but of course, I got annoyed. I have the right to be pissed off by that remark right?

Anyway -- the rose. I dislike roses so I was okay not standing up but I prayed with them. ^^

So -- after the service, my siblings and I decided to buy mama a sunflower!! Well, we knew she loves sunflowers, but she hinted about it too. When she got the rose from church she whispered, rose again? They never change the color too, they should give sunflowers. HAHAHAHA. Mama is the one person I know who would not really complain about anything -- but it's true! They always give out red roses, for any lady related events. Like I said, I don't like roses. Soooooo we got her a sunflower! By golly, look at her smile! She definitely loved it~ <3

I never expected to get anything since well.. *swallows awful words* well, my mom got me a present! Look at the picture again~ I have new shoes!! They're coral colored~ It matches my skin well~ (just that I have not gone to wax recently, because they don't do service for pregnant women unless given a doctor's certificate).

Mama also bought stuff for my brother and sister~ How awesome is that! She said, "Today's mother's day right? It means the mother has to give gifts to their children." ^^ I love mama Cel~

20th week and more~

So last  Thursday  was my 20th week (2nd trimester)~
It's awesome I hit the 5th month mark with no problems!

I also heard my baby's heartbeat then~ BUT before all those!!!---
Last Monday, I started feeling my baby move!! FINALLY!!
It feels NOTHING like  butterflies, lizard, daggers, or even the stomach growling.

To me, it feels like a heartbeat.
It's that kind of heartbeat when you're panting, or nervous -- a LOUD beating.
Of course it's on your baby belly and well, it does that like once in 30minutes to 1 hour or something.

I started feeling it while I was having a class, and then I got to feel it more and more each day now. Especially when I have chocolate in front of me, or when it's time to eat lunch or dinner or something. Also when I started reading about the new Pokemon News! XD Oh gosh, it's not scientific or whatever -- but I think my baby will really be like me. XD;; Is that good?

My baby's healthy and growing well -- but I also gained 4kg in 1 month!! OMG.
Now I have to watch my rice in take or anything sweet T_T It would be bad for the baby, my doctor said.

Oh... also... my waist line -- uh I don't have one anymore. My belly is now 36.5inches in  circumference, and my hips 37inches!! I used to have a waist .. that was 25inches hahaha, and my hips 34. Well, all for the good of the baby~~~ I'm happy~~

Saturday, May 03, 2014


Today's Saturday and yet I was awake at 4:30AM. Why, oh, why.
For some reason, my body got used to waking up at this hour or something -- it's horribly unfair to me especially on Saturdays.

BUT -- today I had a date with my cousin Jona from Big Dreams of a Small Girl.

We promised to meet up at 8AM and go to BGC in Taguig where a big FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event where the event is taking place. The giveaway starts at 10AM, so here we are thinking that 8AM is a pretty decent time to meet up in front of the book store. Wow. By wow, I mean we were SO WRONG.

Friday, April 25, 2014

18.1 weeks!! Woohoo

Although on the ultrasound gestation age is 18.5 weeks. ; 3; weird weird.
I dunno about this -- I guess my baby's bigger than average size? ; 3;

I hate not being 1st in line whenever going to the doctor. The time I can be the next patient is so vague, so I just prayed and also texted my husband and stuff who was also getting anxious with my in-laws. ; 3;
Too bad the doctor there did not allow skype.. So we recorded a video which is good for my in-laws and my parents to see, but cannot be uploaded on youtube ; 3;

Well my tummy was so exposed so... NO.

So here's a look at the ultrasound pics!
I have NO idea why the left side is always like this .. uhhh..
I don't know what it is. It's never been explained to me.

According to the ultrasound report:
Baby is now 260grams and is 18.5weeks (gestational age) -- really it shoudl be 18.1weeks, so I don't understand this part, don't bite me. The baby's head circumference is 16.3cms (which is like 19weeks already), and the heart rate is 155bpm. ^^

For some reason my expected due date changed from Sept. 25 to Sept. 21 !! o_o


The gender .. well .. the baby closed it's thighs and legs together, so it could not be seen.
^^; I guess s/he does not want us to know yet.

I'm very happy to know my baby's healthy, science confirms God's presence in my life once more~
God is always taking care of us, sustaining the life of our baby, keep s/he healthy in His love, protection, and grace~ ^^

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Kicks -- How does it feel like?

I've been asking this questions from a lot of people.
You know how they have been answering me?

"Oh! when you're about 7 months or so you feel the kicks strongly."
(/ .□.)\ ︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ /(.□. \)

I know I would definitely feel and even see it when the baby's far along, but I really really want to know how the first kick feels like. I have a friend who's 5 months along and she told me she's felt it several times already. So I turned to the internet.

They say,
"It feels like butterflies."
"It feels like a twitch."
"It feels tingly."

And here I am confused because -- I have never felt butterflies, and I don't know if my twitch or tingle would be the same as these people. >_<;;

So I asked my doctor,
"It would be a slight movement like a lizard walking."
O____________O wait --- do I have to go catch a lizard to know how that feels like then??

So I might be hallucinating yesterday because I really want to know how it would feel like, and my brain might be playing tricks on me -- but yesterday there was a weird feeling in my tummy. No it wasn't constipation. > < Hmm, it was like a fast small movement like a tiny bolt and I got it about 6 times in 30 minutes (with random stops of course), and then I felt it again, maybe, 2 times when I got home around 20-30 minutes afterwards.

I want to say it's the first kick! But --- how would I really know???

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm A Clumsy Preggy!!

Hey!! My blog's alive. > <.
I know it's been 5 weeks of laziness
But waaaaaait -- I have an excuse..

The last blog was about me going to Thailand -- I did go.
The thing is after going there, it was a really tiring week and I had to go to my doctor and many other excuses. TT^TT Pardon me.

I have tried numerous times to update my blog though. I have a lot to blog about but I never had to full chance to do so. Anyway I think it's right to first bog about my baby~

I'm now on my 4th month! Yay for 2nd trimester!!
Apparently, this is the best one of the three -- according to other blogs I have read.
The thing is -- on the day of my 4th month -- I tripped.

Yes, I was walking towards my house, maybe a minute and a half away -- and then BOOM A WILD ROCK APPEARED -- and I tripped. I swear I did not know why I tripped. So I went into my panic mode -- but kept praying and asked for prayers.

Last Saturday I went to my doctor (this was 2 days after I tripped) and the baby's alive and well~ She's moving a lot, and it was a bit hard to catch her for the heartbeat to be heard loudly, but I heard it! I'm very happy!

Thank you Lord Jesus for this miracle of life~
Thank you to my friends who prayed for my baby~

Will update soon! I promise!

Friday, March 07, 2014


I'm nervous!!
Tomorrow I will go to Bangkok with my friends.

God be my guard and protection, please keep me, and my baby safe.
Of course my friends as well.
You will be our provider and safe keeper.
We know You will always be with us and the trip will be fun.

Thank you God for the opportunity of being able to fly to travel.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Pregnancy and Woes

I'm very happy and I feel so blessed being pregnant.
I claim to God my baby will be healthy and strong and beautiful with no defects.
Do I ask for too much? No. God is my father, and I will have what I ask in Jesus name.
If I have a ninja baby twin, they will not be co-joined. 
They will have separate parts and be complete, and will be a boy and girl.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

9Weeks and 5Days

Soooo the kind of morning sickness has kicked in. I say kind of because its more of a "I have to eat or I'm going to puke" feeling. I don't constantly go to the bathroom to vomit, but I do get the feeling that it's gonna come out, so I eat crackers or banana or potato chips.

My mom now keeps telling me that I have to stop eating too much or I will be miserable after the baby comes. TT_TT

What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I'm happy! - I'm scared - I'm happy!

By now, I have seriously forgotten about what the last post was about. ^^;
I know though that I have announced my pregnancy.
I am feeling so blessed that I am going to have a baby~

Most of you (who have read all these posts and stuff) know that I am in an International Marriage. I think it's weird to call it that, but it is that. I am from the Philippines, and my husband who I met online is American. He's younger than me - we are both working.

He went to the Philippines so we can get married, and of course he cannot stay here for a long long time, as much as we want or hoped for. Through God's blessing our wedding was held, our vows were given, and our marriage *cough* consecrated.

He was able to stay here at least for two months ^^
So we were able to "play house" as a married couple for one month!
The last time he was in the Philippines, he only stayed for 2 weeks.
I've become so fat because I have someone to eat with all the time!

I miss him. -_-"
I do talk to him on Skype everyday though.
Anyway, all the *cough* trials we did worked!

Now, I'm pregnant. I'm on my 6th week (and almost 7).
I'm excited! I'm nervous, I always pray for my baby to be healthy and well~
It's a lot of emotions but mostly, I'm feel so blessed and happy~

Saturday, February 01, 2014

WHITE RABBIT! I'm having a baby!

I believe its worth a blogpost.
It was confirmed yesterday that I am 6 weeks and 2 (now) days pregnant~
I'm happy and scared and excited.
I feel so blessed!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh I got married. Whut?!

So I have already been married for a month. o3o
No, really. >A<

So when I introduce my husband to people I get "the eye" from them.
It's as if:
1. I paid him.
2. I stole him from his crib.
3. I got married to go to another country.

Oh gosh, I seriously am in awe about how people react to things.
Why can't people be happy for others right? *coughs guiltily*

So, I never really expected I'd be marrying an American.
Although I knew I would be married to a foreign man --  Japanese perhaps.
God really has set plans for you that you would never expect, but it's all good.
Our God works in ways not known to man, but He only does it for our happiness.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Whoa! Happy New Year - whut?

So let's have the 2013 re-cap before the first month of 2014 finishes. *guilty*

Nothing happened much during the early months of 2013, for me, really.
The thing is during November it was very exciting and frustrating for me.
The reason being -- I was going to be married soon (then).

First things first.
My fiance (then) went to the Philippines!
Woooo * confetti* It was a really late flight, and I saw him at around 10:45-11:00pm.
I don't really remember. I kept wanting to vlog about it, but he was so ---
running late.

Look at this video now which is the 5th vlog I had -- and the only one I kept during the wait.

Is that fun? Waiting? Also an old lady who kept yapping about me being noisy because I was vlogging. Hello. What year is this -- for a person to be overly quiet in the airport. Mou.

This was in Nov. 22, 2013. Oh yes, I dragged him around the first morning he gets here. Rest? Oh, believe me -- he never had a good one around this month. ^^;;;
Look at him go~