Friday, April 25, 2014

18.1 weeks!! Woohoo

Although on the ultrasound gestation age is 18.5 weeks. ; 3; weird weird.
I dunno about this -- I guess my baby's bigger than average size? ; 3;

I hate not being 1st in line whenever going to the doctor. The time I can be the next patient is so vague, so I just prayed and also texted my husband and stuff who was also getting anxious with my in-laws. ; 3;
Too bad the doctor there did not allow skype.. So we recorded a video which is good for my in-laws and my parents to see, but cannot be uploaded on youtube ; 3;

Well my tummy was so exposed so... NO.

So here's a look at the ultrasound pics!
I have NO idea why the left side is always like this .. uhhh..
I don't know what it is. It's never been explained to me.

According to the ultrasound report:
Baby is now 260grams and is 18.5weeks (gestational age) -- really it shoudl be 18.1weeks, so I don't understand this part, don't bite me. The baby's head circumference is 16.3cms (which is like 19weeks already), and the heart rate is 155bpm. ^^

For some reason my expected due date changed from Sept. 25 to Sept. 21 !! o_o


The gender .. well .. the baby closed it's thighs and legs together, so it could not be seen.
^^; I guess s/he does not want us to know yet.

I'm very happy to know my baby's healthy, science confirms God's presence in my life once more~
God is always taking care of us, sustaining the life of our baby, keep s/he healthy in His love, protection, and grace~ ^^

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Kicks -- How does it feel like?

I've been asking this questions from a lot of people.
You know how they have been answering me?

"Oh! when you're about 7 months or so you feel the kicks strongly."
(/ .□.)\ ︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ /(.□. \)

I know I would definitely feel and even see it when the baby's far along, but I really really want to know how the first kick feels like. I have a friend who's 5 months along and she told me she's felt it several times already. So I turned to the internet.

They say,
"It feels like butterflies."
"It feels like a twitch."
"It feels tingly."

And here I am confused because -- I have never felt butterflies, and I don't know if my twitch or tingle would be the same as these people. >_<;;

So I asked my doctor,
"It would be a slight movement like a lizard walking."
O____________O wait --- do I have to go catch a lizard to know how that feels like then??

So I might be hallucinating yesterday because I really want to know how it would feel like, and my brain might be playing tricks on me -- but yesterday there was a weird feeling in my tummy. No it wasn't constipation. > < Hmm, it was like a fast small movement like a tiny bolt and I got it about 6 times in 30 minutes (with random stops of course), and then I felt it again, maybe, 2 times when I got home around 20-30 minutes afterwards.

I want to say it's the first kick! But --- how would I really know???

Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm A Clumsy Preggy!!

Hey!! My blog's alive. > <.
I know it's been 5 weeks of laziness
But waaaaaait -- I have an excuse..

The last blog was about me going to Thailand -- I did go.
The thing is after going there, it was a really tiring week and I had to go to my doctor and many other excuses. TT^TT Pardon me.

I have tried numerous times to update my blog though. I have a lot to blog about but I never had to full chance to do so. Anyway I think it's right to first bog about my baby~

I'm now on my 4th month! Yay for 2nd trimester!!
Apparently, this is the best one of the three -- according to other blogs I have read.
The thing is -- on the day of my 4th month -- I tripped.

Yes, I was walking towards my house, maybe a minute and a half away -- and then BOOM A WILD ROCK APPEARED -- and I tripped. I swear I did not know why I tripped. So I went into my panic mode -- but kept praying and asked for prayers.

Last Saturday I went to my doctor (this was 2 days after I tripped) and the baby's alive and well~ She's moving a lot, and it was a bit hard to catch her for the heartbeat to be heard loudly, but I heard it! I'm very happy!

Thank you Lord Jesus for this miracle of life~
Thank you to my friends who prayed for my baby~

Will update soon! I promise!