Monday, June 23, 2014

OGCT (oral glucose challenge test)

From what I have heard among my Filipino friends and Japanese students and friends who have been pregnant, this test was not common to take.

Does that mean something is wrong with me?? Did my doctor think something is up with my weight gain or whatever?? ; _ ;

So I had no idea that this test existed. I do know that people's sugar can be tested through a blood extraction of sort -- but I have never heard of an OGCT wherein you're made to drink this really really sweet something mixed with your water. You have to drink it quick too! 

My experience wasn't so bad since I was with my mom -- I was sleepy but not so bored because mama kept talking with me too. You have to drink this 50mg sweet water, then wait for an hour before they draw your blood (I hate it) then you have to wait several hours again for the result, in this case I went home and just came back to the clinic to get it.

So on the normal range pregnant women (I guess) should be getting 4.4-7.7 mmol and the result I got was 7.81!! ; 3; I was beyond normal. It scared me A LOT. 

Hopefully I do not need the second test. I was advised to lessen my rice intake (again), and any carbs and sweets. So... T_T Well, all for the baby! 

I know God has a perfect plan for my baby.
If you are disappointed in something, 
remember trust God's heart.
He always has something great in store for you!

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