Friday, May 23, 2014

Is it okay to rant?

Hello hello to 22 weeks! I'm very happy that I am pregnant, and May 22, 2014 my baby in my tummy turned 22 weeks and it's awesome! That day, baby moved A LOT, it was like s/he was celebrating with me. So I was really really happy -- even though there was a 1 hour stress at work. (Yes, 1 hour ... hmmm...)

So, Kyle and I really want to have a baby girl. We are really praying for it.

Whenever people tell me, "It will be a boy, let's bet on it!" or "I want you to have a boy." or "You're showing signs of having a boy!" I get really annoyed. -_-;; Why? Because I WANT TO HAVE A GIRL > < If God gives me a boy, then I will be happy of course because my baby is God's miracle and gift for my husband and I, but I would really be very happy to have a girl as a first born. Little girls are so fun, and cute and they can have oh soooo cute stuff.. Boy stuff are seriously limited and all look the same.. ;3; It's my first baby, I really wanna have fun with the baby (yeah -- I imagine it to be like playing -- I know the responsibilities but nonetheless I really want to have a baby girl).

I know others have fun turning pregnancies into a guessing game, but please stop stressing me out with it. I do sometimes feel as if every time I pray to have a baby girl, there are people who counter-pray it. TT_TT Please don't do that.

It's my husband and my baby right? Please stop turning into a betting game, or just a regular game. Please stop antagonizing my prayers. We really do want to have a baby girl.

I dunno has any other mom-to-be ever experienced the same thing I am going through right now?

Monday, May 12, 2014


It's that time of year again! I usually talk with my sister and brother before this day because we have to decide what gift we would get for our mama. <3 

This year though was quite different. First I now have a mommy-in-law, who I also ask a lot of weird questions to. Please don't get tired of me. Haha. I know my mama thinks my questions are odd, and that I worry too much (I do, I know but--), I love you guys!

For Sunday, I thought we'd buy mama a cake or something, but if you read my previous blog, you'd know I have to cut down on sugar... It would be horrible for me to buy cake, and not eat it. T_T That would be so mean... 

At church, the people (staff) gave mothers a rose. They asked the mother's to stand so they can be given honor (or something like that). My sister was telling me to stand up, but I didn't, because the day before this my husband told me I wasn't to be greeted happy mother's day since I am not a mother figure. -_- So annoying. We're okay now, but of course, I got annoyed. I have the right to be pissed off by that remark right?

Anyway -- the rose. I dislike roses so I was okay not standing up but I prayed with them. ^^

So -- after the service, my siblings and I decided to buy mama a sunflower!! Well, we knew she loves sunflowers, but she hinted about it too. When she got the rose from church she whispered, rose again? They never change the color too, they should give sunflowers. HAHAHAHA. Mama is the one person I know who would not really complain about anything -- but it's true! They always give out red roses, for any lady related events. Like I said, I don't like roses. Soooooo we got her a sunflower! By golly, look at her smile! She definitely loved it~ <3

I never expected to get anything since well.. *swallows awful words* well, my mom got me a present! Look at the picture again~ I have new shoes!! They're coral colored~ It matches my skin well~ (just that I have not gone to wax recently, because they don't do service for pregnant women unless given a doctor's certificate).

Mama also bought stuff for my brother and sister~ How awesome is that! She said, "Today's mother's day right? It means the mother has to give gifts to their children." ^^ I love mama Cel~

20th week and more~

So last  Thursday  was my 20th week (2nd trimester)~
It's awesome I hit the 5th month mark with no problems!

I also heard my baby's heartbeat then~ BUT before all those!!!---
Last Monday, I started feeling my baby move!! FINALLY!!
It feels NOTHING like  butterflies, lizard, daggers, or even the stomach growling.

To me, it feels like a heartbeat.
It's that kind of heartbeat when you're panting, or nervous -- a LOUD beating.
Of course it's on your baby belly and well, it does that like once in 30minutes to 1 hour or something.

I started feeling it while I was having a class, and then I got to feel it more and more each day now. Especially when I have chocolate in front of me, or when it's time to eat lunch or dinner or something. Also when I started reading about the new Pokemon News! XD Oh gosh, it's not scientific or whatever -- but I think my baby will really be like me. XD;; Is that good?

My baby's healthy and growing well -- but I also gained 4kg in 1 month!! OMG.
Now I have to watch my rice in take or anything sweet T_T It would be bad for the baby, my doctor said.

Oh... also... my waist line -- uh I don't have one anymore. My belly is now 36.5inches in  circumference, and my hips 37inches!! I used to have a waist .. that was 25inches hahaha, and my hips 34. Well, all for the good of the baby~~~ I'm happy~~

Saturday, May 03, 2014


Today's Saturday and yet I was awake at 4:30AM. Why, oh, why.
For some reason, my body got used to waking up at this hour or something -- it's horribly unfair to me especially on Saturdays.

BUT -- today I had a date with my cousin Jona from Big Dreams of a Small Girl.

We promised to meet up at 8AM and go to BGC in Taguig where a big FREE COMIC BOOK DAY event where the event is taking place. The giveaway starts at 10AM, so here we are thinking that 8AM is a pretty decent time to meet up in front of the book store. Wow. By wow, I mean we were SO WRONG.