Saturday, August 30, 2014

36.2 weeks!

It's so close!
Yet I feel like I've been pregnant in forever! > <

I'm still not used to how heavy I am now. I also don't want to waddle, so I still try and keep walking straight, even though it is actually more comfortable to relax and just waddle. ^^;;

Fundic Height: 34 inches (for Filipinos this quite big I think)
Baby's Heart beat rate: 132 beats per minute
For the first time in my pregnancy, I now have mild edema.
I seriously look like I have been having it since my 4th month, but NO, my feet just became a size bigger, okay. It's was fat. Not swelling. > <

Aaaaand by the way I had the baby shower last week August 23, and here are the stuffies and pics for update :3

The awesome gifts from my friends/cousins <3

The awesome highlights of our afternoon~ :3
Of course we did karaoke too but I didn't take pictures anymore.
We played 4 games:
Don't Say "Baby"
Pin the Sperm on the Egg Cell
Draw the Baby
Guess the Title of the Song
(maybe I'll expound on those in another blog post next time)

me and the gifts.. uhmm.. yes, I made it smaller so you won't focus on how big my face has become.

Letters from my friends/cousins to baby Llyr ;3

The people I love who made it possible :3
2 people are not in the picture T^T
But they're equally awesome.
My dear Anne, and my cousin Dan (they went home early).
Of course my mama, and papa who were there, and to mom and dad who gave us a surprise something. ^^


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just 25 days more!!

My baby's coming~~~ In just 25 days, he'll be coming! I'm so excited!
I haven't updated my blog because I wasn't sure if I should already post this or not haha.
So on Saturday August 23, 2014 at 3pm I'll be having a small baby shower!
It will be only a small gathering since I'm saving most of my money for the baby's delivery and stuff.

Aside from that, I've been doing some preparations for the baby's arrival as well.
I actually went to a baby/kids bazaar. I mean the stuff were discounted but still expensive!
I knew I had to get some stuff already though since the baby's coming soon!