Monday, March 18, 2013


 Yes, it's a link to someone who hates it too.
I may be a part of minority in this, but I don't care.
I hate it and no one can ever force me to like it.

So why am I ranting?! ...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

God opened a window!!

Yesterday's blog was about something something bad, if you can remember. 
Today I got a call from my boyfriend waking me up, which ..  I didn't really answer.
I was so sleepy, so it can't be helped. 

I ended up making him wait for 2 hours. Sorry sorry..
I actually forgot that today's 16
I knew yesterday that (tomorrow) today will be 16. I know today is 15, and yet that today was actually the 16th, I forgot. haha..

Every 16 of the month, we celebrate our "date" anniversary.
In Filipino colloquial word its called "month-sary". 

While I was still really really sleepy, he got called by his parents. He now lives in our house.
Then he went home, and told me the reason why the VISA was denied.

It's because they did not send in evidence of our relationship!!
That's a big window right? Right? 
Thank you God! Please guide us through this new process.

Friday, March 15, 2013

When a door closes, a new one opens

That's what they say right? So .. it was kinda like that.
Well, I have a bad news and a "new" thing to talk about.

I guess the bad news goes first...
I've been saying that I want to get married soon right?
I am already 24, and I've been wanting to get married since I was 22.
Anyways, we have this VISA application blah blah, and then I heard from my boyfriend/fia*** that it has been denied!!! WHY??? I don't know.

They just said that we'll get a notice of application in 12 days. ; 3; So cruel..
I really pray that we'd be able to make an appeal for reconsideration, God will it.

So... I don't wanna be depressed all over again and ---
here's a teaser of what I'll talk about in the next few days:

Very very very cute nee~!!

Yes, yes, Kona-chan is very interested too~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Last (?) TinierMe Post. ;(

Yeah .. I feel so sad posting this, but here it is..

For my last one, I feel the need to fully say "Aaa, that's it." I'm not really sure how that would work though. I guess, in a way everyone really felt "We're going to lose TM soon..." or "TM's going to run out of ideas soon!". Even though at the back of our minds, or even in our hearts, we hoped that since TMJP was still updating a lot and never really run out of ideas, though their updates were faster, the English Beta would not really close. Then... We saw this dreaded post:

OMG... The pain... and all my feels... Y~Y
So click the broken (fake) link below to see all my "things".

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I'm just so depressed now.

You know how people plan things then just all of a sudden things happen and that plan never goes on track again? I hate that situation so much. Like you expect things would go well when planned ahead? Well, no. This is why I don't keep a planner anymore.

Why am I still the one who's called selfish then??....

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to de-stress?

I'm so sleepy now and yet, here I am trying to bring life to my slightly dead blog. 
I wonder why I always leave it after some time when I think I'm already active.

At least I am here right now. So, today at work it was a horrible morning for me!
OMG. Someone came back. I really didn't like it. At least the meeting itself was not as horrible as the past.
It was still horrible nonetheless. I mean, seriously, my back began aching and I suddenly had a heartburn.
Even though that morning, I woke up early, I was cheerful, I got out of the house early and everything was going well, then after a few hours of being at work BOOM. -_-

Aside from that, there's good news!! HAHAHA. No more nyork nyork. (inside joke). Thank God!
So from all this troublesome things, I had to search the internet for how to de-stress. 

I found this article that tells me to:

I didn't think it would work, I mean really.. but, my heartburn disappeared and I felt calmer and stuff!
So here is the result.
picture originally posted on my tumblr.

Yep they're really that color. It looks Christmas-sy doesn't it. :3 I'm proud of it, no bubbles!!
Oh ... expect for the right thumb which I accidentally hit on the keyboard. -_-;;

I began posting more of my stuff on tumblr because of a website which I will talk about next time. :3
See you next post!!