Monday, July 07, 2014

My baby's gender~~ ☆

with balls.

Yes, that is exactly what the oncologist had said.

The conversation happened like this:
OB-GYN: You already know the gender right?
Jona and I: We don't know -----

She did not even give us time to breathe or prepare ourselves for it -- if you know what I mean. >_<
Anyways!! We have a growing bouncing baby boy!! :3

Please do not give me the "I told you so."
Even if you did guess whatever -- because it was Jesus who made us have a baby boy.
Not you.
If that was tad offending, I'm sorry. I'm just tired of people guessing / betting for my baby's gender.

This baby boy's quite shy though. I've already said before how my baby does not move when the camera is on, aside from this one rare chance I got when my sister came in.

A very rare chance, seriously. He does not move when he knows there's a camera on him.
Or when I try to show my husband his movements (the visible ones) through Skype, he immediately stops.
Yes, yes, I'm using "he" now. I'm already in love with my baby, and he is God's gift~
Now stop trying to argue with me. ❤

Today the baby's 28.4weeks but the age according how big he is, is already 29.6weeks! He's huge. O_o Oh, he's also already 1.4kg at this stage (I was born 35weeks weighing 1.9kg). He's a healthy baby boy, and I'm so thankful to God! I will be receiving the colored 3D pictures after 7 days. Hopefully, I can get it next Sunday? Please.

Also I have an appointment with an Internal Medicine doctor coming up, and another OGTT test this week. T^T Jesus, I pray for healing -- for the lowering of my acid and sugar levels please. Tomorrow I will be renewing my passport. All in Jesus' great timing. I claim victory Lord!

Soooooo, Jona and I, to make a good announcement of the baby's gender decided to go shopping for a bit. Here's the picture of the announcement then! ↓↓↓
Thanks for reading guys!!
Please continue praying for my baby~
Now, Kyle and I are off to think of a baby boy name that we can both agree on.
His idea okay. Not mine.
Giggling inside in the hopes of a non-tradition-related name. 

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  1. Not sure if my previous comment went through.xD I was saying I'm happy you can still negotiate the name.xD God bless. ^^