Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Don't think about bad stuff...

Easy for you to say.
This day started with me not waking up early getting up early.
Then, being sleepy.
Then, being told I'm arrogant for saying I am paranoid and have borderline personality disorder.
(This is because I posted an art that came from FB, and the artist found my post and then his anon fans began uhmm... anyway)
It's my fault for posting it, I didn't know the source, I don't think we should go into what disorders I have and just 'cause I wanna say I have it. Hello.
Then, a student complaining because of HIS bad connection but made it the company's fault.

Soooooooooo.. I gotta remember good days.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Early stress and de-stressing

I was stressed out in the morning because of KFC. Hahaha. ^^;;
I went out to order food for me and my friends.
Yes, I was actually at the store.

So there I was, I had to wait for it because they didn't have hot choco yet,
and I was not one try coffee at random places (just because).
Then, I had to carry all of the take-outs and rush to my office which is 10 minutes away on foot.

I arrived at work and I noticed...
So I had to call them up. First I used the number I saw on the internet. No answer.
Then the main delivery service number. *click*
"Hi good morning!"
"Oh hi! I was at KFC earlier and I need the number for that shop because they didn't give me my complete order and I noticed it only when I was at work, and now I cannot leave because I have a class in 10 minutes."
"*gives number*"
I called that, it's the SAME one that was not answered.

I looked it up on the internet again, and saw a different number. I decided to call it.
"Hello, is this KFC CyberZone?"
"No, this is Jupiter's."
"Can you give me the number there because *insert long explanation here*."
"*gives a different number*"

I called that. No answer. Called again. *CLICK*
OMGosh yey!
"Hi! Is this Cyberzone? I was there earlier *same same*."
"Oh, I'm so sorry we'll have it delivered."

Like I said it takes 10 minutes to walk here, the person got here in 25 minutes. It was the same guy who was the cashier when I was ordering. I apologized.. Wait -- isn't their fault? I apologized again for the trouble of delivering it.

I ate. No more stress. <3
Wow. >_<;; I just love eating I guess.

Oh later I will be at the newly opened Cold Stone Creamery, and on Monday, I will be going to a SPA with my friends so I'm soooooo excited for this weekend!!

See you again~!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm running out of vlog ideas hahaha help!

Yes the title says it all. I want to write something else here, but for now this will be what I would write about. So I'm so bored and I decided to take the morning (well afternoon) shot of where I pass when I'm going home. :P Oh you'd see my sister here being weird. >_<

So that's it for now. :D See you again soon~!! I need to post something useful or something wise next time. I think. o_o

You'll come see me again right?
Riiiiiiight~~~~ :3

Monday, May 20, 2013

I'll take you home with me~

So I wanted to show people where I live. Not really.
It's more like where I pass to go to my house.
It's so boring~~~~~ >_<
It was night time and video looked like a horror clip though. >_<
I hate ghosts. I get scared when I pass by here sometimes.
It's the shortest way to my house though.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Big in Small

For some reason when people write about traveling, food escapades, tips and stuff like that. I have nothing to write about! Hahaha, how boring can I be? Okay that wasn't really a question so noooooooooooooo! Don't answer it. ; 3;

I helped A BIT with my friend setting up her own blog. I think she'll be mainly posting about food. She LOVES eating but her body is cheating! Okay I did not mean that to rhyme. It's just that she's so fit! No matter what she eats she does not get fat while when I eat a small piece of bread I BOOM bloat right away!

Friday, May 10, 2013

A Small Change Will Not Hurt

Finished putting a new "クッシヨンシート" on my table. I will be ごきぶりfree again!!! Until it gets worn out --- then I would have to replace it once more. >_< I now have butterflies and hearts and flowers replacing my strawberries from before~ :3

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I feel so LOVED

You guys know I ranted earlier about not being able to bring my food.
Like it was just there... Then I forgot. So yeah I had nothing for lunch.

BUT I told that to my friends, I mean I told them my sister might bring it over.
Well, my cousin and my friend said NO and it'd be a hassle for my sister,
and a waste of jeepney fair. So okay >_< I felt guilty.

I told her not to go here anymore.
Then, my friend went up to me offering to pay for Starbucks.
Another telling me she'll lend me money.
My cousin said she'll buy me food.
My mom was saying I should go to her office to get some food.

I'm so embarrassed and I feel so poor, hahaha.

Awwww.. I feel loved. I ended up eating cup noodles, and burger, and paid for none.
I also had a bonus chocolate brought by my cousin who went to Taiwan.

Thank you Lord for letting me feel so loved by my friends, and by YOU~


I forgot my lunch (o-bentou) at home.. and I have no lunch money. I have a mere 80yen for going home. So 40yen for fare to go home, so I have 40yen for food… Huhuhuhuhu :(
What should I do... ?

I feel so stupid now.. I mean I packed it and everything I just forgot to put it inside my bag.. I'm so not prepared for a sudden DIEt. >_<

Saturday, May 04, 2013

I am not creative ENOUGH!! Please help!

Check me vlogging. I'm am so camera awkward!! >_<

I wanna rant first

Okay so...
This makes FB birthday reminder annoying for me.
I share FB with my boyfriend (it's ACTUALLY his account),
but excuse me? Even my relatives, and close friends would greet me for my bf's birthday.

I love them anyway! I'll just be sending your greetings to my boyfriend! :)

Thursday, May 02, 2013


Chocolates cure everything (for me). I had really bad heartburn. I ate half a chocolate bar and it's already going away --- the heartburn, and well the chocolate too.. XD