Saturday, January 30, 2016

Oh snow !

This is a late post about something from last weekend.

The month flew by! As usual, I'm experiencing new stuff since I've been here in the US for maybe 6-7 months? Anyway, I experienced my first Blizzard!

Not this one

An actual snow storm. And we were outside playing! xD
Here's a video of what we did:

Also, my husband made me a Snow Cat!!

It was technically a natural disaster, but we turned it into fun! - Kyle Walker (my husband)

The month is ending soon and I'm so excited about February! Stay tuned to know why!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Welcoming 2016: New Year + My Birthday

Wow. It's 2016 already! It really snuck up on me!

So many things has happened, and suddenly we're jumping to a different year!

My husband and I had a quiet New Yer's Eve (compared to all others who went to parties amd stuff), we stayed home with Mamaw (my mother-in-law's mom) and Llyr. I really didn't want to be away from my baby for New Year's so we opted to stay home. :) It was an awesome day nonetheless.

We went to Sam's Club for diapers and wipes, and then we headed to Walmart for groceries, and let's just say some holiday miracles happened. x)

My husband really got lots of pogi points this time.
He got me my 12 fruits, and bought sparklers, made traditional Filipino candies and desserts, and awesome dinner for New Year's Eve. Oh, he got me a new phone case which looks super awesome!

I'm so glad we got to celebrate with Mamaw too, and she and Llyr played and played, and we told stories and it was like a sleepover! The best part of it is that my family from the Philippines Skyped with us all through out of NYE. Love love love family.

Last day of being 26 well spent. x)
My mom even greeted me before the day ended. xD

Then the next day~
I turned 27.

Haha, it was actually a fun and funny day! It's so funny because during Christmas, I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I answered 'a surprise birthday party'. And oh my gosh, they threw me one!

My day started ever so norma--wait, maybe not.

Kyle let me sleep in.. hmmm..
Llyr didn't even go to the room to wake me up like usual.. hmmm..
I got to take a loooong shower..
Mom took Llyr early and so I even got extended time for preparation..
I got to spend time on my clothes and make up..
But I thought it's just because we had time, and well, it's my day after all.

Then lots of phone calls arrived for Kyle, not a single one for me. They told us we were to go to church to take the tree down, so .. ok. Then we got there and mom called Kyle in, so I was taking my time and Kyle came back out to get me.

I asked him, 'is this my bday party?' Haha. He said, 'no.' あやし。。x)

We came inside and it was dark and we went to the left instead of the right side, and they said

"I knew it!" I yelled.

Haha, Kyle said I've just always been good at guessing stuff for me xD that's also funny because before I got to open my big present I guessed what it was.

I was so excited about the gift, I just had to message my mama right away!

That wasn't the end! Because after my surprise birthday party, Travis (Kyle's uncle), and Cortney (Trav's girl), and Kyle and I had a double date at the Buffalo Wild Wings (as if we weren't full enough from late lunch, haha).  I was able to Skype with my mom a bit. B' dubs, as it's called, is popular for the chicken wings, which you can order from mild to HOT.  This is a special place for me because it's the very first place we got to eat at when we landed to the US. ^_^

After that, we went to a bookstore called Books-A-Million, where we got a huge discount for our haul!! Kyle has a new game, I have 3 new books, and Llyr has 4 new books! 

It doesn't even end there!! I got to fly my birthday lantern!!

It was the coolest way to end a super awestatic birthday! Yes, I made up a word! Because there is no other way to describe my day!

Things may try to bring us down, but I'm not going to take it.
I'm 27 and I think I'm starting it right.
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