Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh I got married. Whut?!

So I have already been married for a month. o3o
No, really. >A<

So when I introduce my husband to people I get "the eye" from them.
It's as if:
1. I paid him.
2. I stole him from his crib.
3. I got married to go to another country.

Oh gosh, I seriously am in awe about how people react to things.
Why can't people be happy for others right? *coughs guiltily*

So, I never really expected I'd be marrying an American.
Although I knew I would be married to a foreign man --  Japanese perhaps.
God really has set plans for you that you would never expect, but it's all good.
Our God works in ways not known to man, but He only does it for our happiness.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Whoa! Happy New Year - whut?

So let's have the 2013 re-cap before the first month of 2014 finishes. *guilty*

Nothing happened much during the early months of 2013, for me, really.
The thing is during November it was very exciting and frustrating for me.
The reason being -- I was going to be married soon (then).

First things first.
My fiance (then) went to the Philippines!
Woooo * confetti* It was a really late flight, and I saw him at around 10:45-11:00pm.
I don't really remember. I kept wanting to vlog about it, but he was so ---
running late.

Look at this video now which is the 5th vlog I had -- and the only one I kept during the wait.

Is that fun? Waiting? Also an old lady who kept yapping about me being noisy because I was vlogging. Hello. What year is this -- for a person to be overly quiet in the airport. Mou.

This was in Nov. 22, 2013. Oh yes, I dragged him around the first morning he gets here. Rest? Oh, believe me -- he never had a good one around this month. ^^;;;
Look at him go~