Saturday, June 25, 2016

OMGCon 2016!


It has been forever, it felt like, since the last time I was able to hype about anime, manga, jpop, or anything otaku-ish. My blog is named such because of my love for Japan and it's pop-culture. Being a mom does not mean you lose yourself, but you gain a new side of you, and still have room for that original you. ^^ So yes, I still am an otaku at heart. 

I am laying off anime a for a bit though, because I only watch them subtitled, and I'm afraid my baby will be very confused with language, he already hears English and Filipino from me, if I add Japanese this early, there might be a consequence? I don't know, maybe I'm over-thinking it haha. That's me though, I worry. I always say I was born worried -- but actually I was born asleep xD So my mom ended up with c-section although was a tiny tiny baby. (I KNOW I'M STILL SHORT, knock it off!)

This is officially my first anime convention in the U.S.!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Insane Inflatable 5k 2016

I have actually been debating whether I was going to post this first or the OMGCon2016. 
So, I guess this one won. xD

They were not kidding when they said it was insane! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Battle of Sacramento Blog Post (Finally!)

I've been wanting to post about the Battle whenever that weekend was up. It has been a hard 2 weeks for me to really read or write anything fun, because I've had to study, diligently I might add.

Also I have been waiting for a video and when it was uploaded, I was already in a study-mode. I've never thought I would have that mode ever. Haha.

Anyway this weekend was a weird way of letting me experience how bipolar Kentucky's weather is. Saturday was REALLY chilly, I had to wear my winter coat, and Sunday was REALLY hot, I had to just have tank top and shorts on!