Saturday, June 07, 2014

The "Weird" Kind of Excitement

Most people who know me, would know how afraid I am of doctors.

My mama used to work in the hospital, and I was often with her there after school -- so it would be odd to be uncomfortable of the hospital, no? Uhh.. Well, I stayed only in the HR, Social Service, Records, and Pharmacy offices. I stayed AWAY from the doctors.

The reason for this was, I think, trauma from when I was a toddler. I had a major surgery because of hernia before I turned two years old, and I often get scared seeing doctors because in the mind, they have syringes and the freaking hurt! This is a little limited to doctors in white though. I think.

Recently, I've been really excited to my once a month visit to the doctor though! ^^ My OB. She was my mama's OB too, she does not accept the fact that she is nice though. ^^;; But she is. Yes, I still shy away from her a bit, because I get nervous but -- the fact that I can hear my baby's heartbeat, and she can tell me things about my pregnancy, my baby and everything -- I'm very happy!

Baby's already 24 weeks and 2 days (6 months and 2 days)
Today I met her again, and she was nicer than the last few times. ^^ I dunno but she seemed to have agreed with me more today than before. She also put my mind to ease about stretch marks, belly button popping out, edema, and others. I'm not worried about those stuff though because to me my baby's health is priority -- I don't have to show my belly to people anyway hahaha. I also know my navel has been weird from before so yeah.

Baby's heartbeat today's 136bpm.
Also I've redeemed myself from the weighing scale problem!! ^w^
Last month I gained about 9lbs, this month only 4lbs! :P Mainly because I lessened my rice and snack in-take.

Anyway, in the next 2-3 weeks I need a OGCT (sugar test thingy) to make sure I have gestational diabetes. I claim it a normal result already! In Jesus' name!

Right now, the hardest thing for me is sleeping. >_< I just can't find a good position to sleep in. If I'm on my side, my body feels so heavy and my hips ache (it feels bruised), I seriously need a maternity pillow or something.. WHY ARE THEY EXPENSIVE! > <

Then next month on the 28th or 29th week I can try to go for 3D ultrasound! Hopefully I have the money to do that -- or I'll get a normal one for just the gender determination. ^^

That's all for now!! :)

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