Tuesday, September 27, 2011

III-DTM HOMEWORK READING (for Sept 28, 2011)

Dream of Knives 
Alfred Yuson

Last night I dreamt of a knife
I had bought for my son. Of rare design,
it went cheaply of its worth – short dagger
with fancily rounded pommel, and a wooden sheath
which miraculously revealed other miniature blades.

Oh how pleased he would be upon my return
from this journey, I thought. What rapture
will surely adorn his ten-year princeling's face
when he draws the gift the first time. What quivering
pleasure will most certainly be unleashed.

When I woke up, there was no return, no journey,
no gift, and no son beside me. Where do I search
for this knife then, and when do I begin to draw
happiness from reality, and why do I bleed so
from such sharp points of dreams?

LOOK for the new words
SEARCH about the author
DON'T FORGET to bring your CRAYONS

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

III-DTM HOMEWORK READING (for Sept 26, 2011)

Order for Masks
by Virginia R. Moreno

To this harlequinade
I wear black tights
and fool’s cap
Billiken, make me
three bright masks

For the three tasks
in my life
Three faces to wear
One after the other
For the three men in
my life.

When my Brother comes
Make me one opposite
If he is devil, a
With a staff to his
And for his horns, a

I hope by contrast
To make nil
Our old resemblance
to each other
And my twin will walk
me out
Without a frown
Pretending I am

When my Father comes
Make me one so like
His child once eating
his white bread in trance
Philomela before she
was raped.

I hope by likeness
To make him believe
this is the same kind
The chaste face he

And my blind Lear
will walk me out
Without a word
Fearing to peer

If my lover comes
Yes, when my Seducer
Make for me the face
That will in colors race
The carnival stars
And change in shape
Under his grasping hands.

Make it bloody
When he needs it white
Make it wicked in the dark
Let him find no old mark
Make it stone to his suave touch.
This magician will walk me out,

Newly loved,
Not knowing why my tantalizing face
Is strangely like the mangled parts of a face
He once wiped out.
Make me three masks.

Read about the author
Vocabulary words and meanings
Try to study the elements (figures of speech and sound devices)
No need to submit anything. This is only for your recitation on the discussion.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Day on the Farm

by Luis G. Dato

I've found you fruits of sweetest taste and found you
Bunches of duhat growing by the hill,
I've bound your arms and hair with vine and bound you
With rare wildflowers but you are crying still.

I've brought you all the forest ferns and brought you
Wrapped in green leaves cicadas singing sweet,
I've caught you in my arms an hour and taught you
Love's secret where the mountain spirits meet.

Your smiles have died and there is no replying
To all endearment and my gifts are vain;
Come with me, love, you are too old for crying,
The church bells ring and I hear drops of rain.

Try to searchfor the vocabulary words and the about the author
Do not use internet analysis, I have ALREADY readm them.

Special Homework for III-DTM

It was a sacrilege, the neighbors cried,
The way she shattered every mullioned pane
To let a firebrand in. They tried in vain
To understand how one so carved from pride
And glassed in dream could have so flung aside
Her graven days, or why she dared profane
The bread and wine of life for some insane
Moment with him. The scandal never died.

But no one guessed that loveliness would claim
Her soul's cathedral burned by his desires
Or that he left her aureoled in flame…
And seeing nothing but her blackened spires,
The town condemned this girl who loved too well
and found her heaven in the depths of hell.

This poem is from POEMS (1940).

In case you forgot, here's what to do:
1. List down the vocabulary words and their definition
2. Identify the elements of poetry
3. Identify the figures of speech and sound devices used
4. What is the theme of the poem?

REMINDER: Do not use internet ANALYSIS files. I have already read ALL of them.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Technical Writing Class

Last July 8, 2011 I was given my load at the University of Makati for the 1st Semester S.Y. 2011. I was very surprised that I was given an ENG 3: Technical Writing class. I stated there on my resume that I was a Literature major, and was clear on my intent of teaching Literature classes (only). I know I shouldn't be picky since it's my first real teaching job ever.

I knew nothing of this subject. I didn't like formal writing at all.

During the first meeting, I already told them that unfortunately this was a writing class, therefore writing is inevitable. At first we only discussed theories and eveything. That's what the preliminary exam was about as well. But now, we're already in the Finals, so they need to write.

Today they're writing their application letters.

They all look so serious right?
I'm a happy teacher.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

To Teachers

Recently, having to teach grammar has not been so bad.
But you know, I didn't know that grading students is difficult.

This is my first "in-school" teaching job I have ever done.
I don't want to fail students.

But right now, out of my 45 students (grammar class) only 16 are sure to pass.
What will happen to the people who're left. T_T

Kudos to all the teachers who grade so fair.
You don't know how much encouragement you give to your students.

Somehow I need to pass these people.
I'll probably need to make special projects for them. > <
Oh life.

I didn't know what picture to put. > < Sorry.
Currently brain-dead thinking of how to pass the students.