Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Stuff

Recently I have been having a lot of things in my head that I just always fail to organize. I think I really need to start putting this mess in order. Then again, my laziness would just rise up and push meto postpone things. Yes. I am a crammer. Thing is, right now, I am feeling it again... this sense of urgency. Its a feeling like I am running out of time. I don't really know why I have this feeling,  but it's like if I don't do what I think I should do, I would forever not be able to do it anymore, and you know, regret it.

Stuff I THINK I need to do:
▷Design my dress
▷Design the invitation cards
▷Go to divi to have my dress made/rushed
▷At least try to find Tesda (though maybe it's too late for this now)
▷Re-start studying Japanese
▷Talk to people about the wedding (like catering or picture people and stuff)
▷Blog about the Education system and Teachers in the Phil.
▷Blog about Kyle?
▷Blog about SILVER
▷Actually try to buget my money
EXERCISE... >_<¦¦¦

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Post sooooooooo late...

It's about Tanabata. July 7 every year.

You might have heard about it already. But please don't say it's JUST a star festival. It is not. The story behind it goes like this...

There was a Princess (orihime) and a cowherd (hikoboshi). They both did their jobs well, weaving, and taking care of the cows respectively. That is until they met. Well they fell in love.
You know what happens when people fall in love. Everything around them blurs and they just focus on each other. Because of this, both of them stopped minding their tasks. The King was of course angered. The people on Earth were not getting fabric and the cows (that're somehow among the stars) are scattered and not being taken care of. So the King separated them by creating a huge river (of stars: Amanogawa) that the of them cannot cross.
The Princess cried and cried, and the cowherd also depressed... both of them could not properly work. So the King finally gave in. He said that if they would do their jobs properly for a year they can have a day for themselves, and yes, that is every July 7th of each year. Both of them diligently worked each time, with the hopes of meeting again.
Oh.. but there is a catch. If on that night, it rains... the river would get too huge and overflow that they would still not be able to meet. ╯▂╰ So each year too... for the children and some couples in China and Japan they would pray for no rain. And they would write their wishes on paper and put it on bamboo leaves, believing that the meeting of the two lovers would create a miracle making their wishes come true.
This post was late because my boyfriend and I argued on the night if Tanabata. ::>_<:: But we're fine now.(^▽^)

Thank you for reading through. Also my student said... it doesn't rain in outer space right? So they can probably meet up every year~ y^o^y

Orihime, hikoboshi and Amanogawa are Altair, Vega and the Milky Way respectively. :) Tanabata (七夕) means "evening of the 7th".

So what would your wish be? ≧﹏≦

Thursday, July 05, 2012

testing day...

So I found out that my exam day would be on the 30th of September. so now, I am nervous about it. Okay it's going to be along time before that.. but I mean I am awful in mathematics and everything aside from English.

But all of those worries went away, because when I went to church we already asked God to lift up all the worries that we have... and to just be free from anxiousness and everything else. I know that if I am with God, nothing is impossible.

I love you Jesus~ Thank you for giving me salvation.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Right Now: SURPRISINGLY not hungry

It's our church's mid-year prayer and fasting. I haven't eaten since yesterday's lunch. I usually eat a lot, especially rice. ;_; I love rice. I am actually doing a one (1) meal a day fast. I pray and pray to not be hungry, and ask God to give me strength for my whole day, especially at work. By faith, I'm actually not hungry and it's almost 24 hours already. :3

I've done this actually before. It was a 7-day fast unlike this time which is only 3 days. :)

I really pray God lends me His strength for this day again~
Only half-day at work, so ... please God let me not be tempted to eat.

Monday, July 02, 2012

I feel so tired today...

I feel so tired today. I wasn't able to exercise this morning since I woke up late and I just had to go take a bath quickly to go to school.

I have been thinking about how I would be able to study for the exams. I know that it would be very hard for me to remember stuff if I study very early on. But I do know that I have to at least browse over some notes, especially on dreaded mathematics. :(

And now I am just so freaking tired now and tomorrow's schedule's is scary... God help me survive everything.

Now... mama's lecturing me again right now...


So my student asked me to give him one of my poems.
Oh heavens I had to go to an old blog to find it.
It's so awkward reading an old poem.
I am pessimistic until now, but I mean not as dramatic as before. So.. > <||

Here is that poem anyways:

Hook’s Triumph

One night in Neverland
Tinkerbelle felt weak:
Her light was dimming,
Her body fading.

No one believed in faeries
Anymore; no one clapped,
Not even Peter Pan.

You? Would you clap for her?
Do you even believe she exists?
Or you’d just let her walk on to
The path of the void?

HAHAHAHA I know I know so bad.
I haven't written anything in what ... 3-4 years. :(
I still haven't gotten over this one criticism... So .. > <

I was like, "what? you want to read my poem ><||"

Sunday, July 01, 2012

From Google Chrome

I recently installed google chrome. So maybe, I would not really be using that app I installer a few days ago. I tried to upload my post through that 3x or so... but who knows when it actually got published. →_→

So today is July 1st, and I planned to exercise... but yeah my laziness got to me again. Hopefully I would actually be doing it tomorrow. ^_^¦¦¦