Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Peace Memorial Day : Hiroshima

Hey! Sorry for not updating so often..  Work has kind of been uhhh.. I think that has to be in another post.

Do you know who Sadako Sasaki is? No, not the scary Sadako. This is an entirely different story. She's a little girl from Hiroshima, Japan. She was but a toddler, 2 years of age, when the atomic bomb hit her prefecture.

Nothing was wrong with her body, nothing that that was seen until 10 years later. She then got really weak, and her body turning purple -- they do not know why... It was a late show of effects but it was leukemia.

She was 12, and was already suffering and was on the brink of dying. She decided to try making 1000 cranes. In a legend in Japan it says that if you can make the thousand paper cranes your wish will come true. There is no actual account whether she finished making it or not... but aren't you curious about her wish?

Well, she wanted to live. In her heart though she knew this was not possible... She talked to her family in her last breath she said that she wishes her family to live their lives happily because there is only 1 life for everyone, and it should be treasured.

I hope we can do this with our lives and live without regrets.