Saturday, June 14, 2014

Baby at 25.2 weeks!~

The baby is really moving a lot now!
I also feel like my body is quite heavy -- I don't know how it'll be like next month.
It's exciting everyday for me since the baby's movements are becoming quicker, and just it feels more like waves and tumbles more than before~

I have read though that it the next months, the baby will start moving less, since there'd be less space for her/him to move around. Actually my tummy already feels quite full o3o and harder. Also, I have read somewhere that the baby would already be 13.6 inches or so by now. I am in awe about how these things happen, and just rejoice in the miracle of God. The baby is 25 weeks only and  already more than a foot? How can s/he even fit in my tummy?! Praise Jesus!

I've been really wanting to make a baby book. I guess I have to do some scrap booking? Or should I just buy a pre-made one? I want it to be like a journal of my pregnancy. I think it'd be fun, and hopefully when my baby's a toddler, she'd like to look at it or something. ^^

Just 3-4 weeks more and I can go for an ultrasound!! Yay!! Thanks to mom and Kyle~ :3

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