Monday, June 30, 2014

Snug a Hug is ❤

From the first trimester up to I forgot when -- I have been trouble with my back, shoulders, hips, sides. I feel like I've been so heavy more than my small physique can handle. Really. So last week my sleeping troubles ended! My mom-in-law splurged for a huge pillow for me that solved all those!

Do you wanna know why Snug-a-Hug pillows are awesome?
Read on!~

I filled up an order form Tuesday afternoon, and got notified of the confirmation on the same day. If only I could take a short trip to the bank that day I would not have left it for the nest day, but since I didn't... I paid through a bank deposit on Wednesday and Thursday morning it was on my bed already!! How awesome is Ms. Minnie~ (the mompreneur of the awesome snug-a-hugs)

See how big it is? Uhh.. not quite? Allow me to post more pictures then ^^ There are many different ways that this pillow can be used and here are some of my favorites! (Oh they will be pictures of my sister).

First of all, I wanna show you how I used to sleep...

I used about 7-8 pillows I think?
3 on my back, 1 on my my right side, 1 on my hip, 2 on my feet and 1 to hug

Then came my Snug-a-Hug!! :3

Now all I need is 1 pillow!! Yes, just 1!!
This actually is made of cotton, and it's not too soft and not to hard.
This actually allows you to sleep on one side, if you need to.
The long part of it helps you straighten your back as you sleep so you don't get back pains!
Your head will be ever so comfortable cushioned as well, and your shoulder won't hurt in the morning either!
Awesome for preggies like me! :3

This one give you more movement especially if you're not pregnant, it functions are a really nice body pillow!
Like my for my husband who like his knees not to touch but like his feet to touch.. weird. o3o

This is how I begin to sleep usually, my back and shoulder is on the top of the pillow,
still a part of me is technically laying on my back since it's my comfy position.

My watching tv/movie, and reading position! :)
It's really comfortable on your back and still it allows me to elevate my feet a little.
And you can always have a throw pillow to be under your feet. :)

I loooooooooooove my Snug-a-Hug!
Why don't you grab one now?

Yeeaa... I have to stop sounding like an infomercial. It's just that I seriously love this pillow!

Oh yeah, I used this pillow for 10 days before actually writing this blog. I really wanted to test out  how it affects my sleep. The first day I got it I dozed off right away as I got comfy, so I wanted to use it more to make sure that it can really get rid of hip, back, shoulder, and side pains! It did not fail me AT ALL.

Snug a Hug is ❤

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